Tips for beat the heat in this summer

Summer has come and temperature seems to be rising rapidly every day. The temperature of the outside is around and above 40 degrees which indicating that everyone has to start taking precautions to beat this heat and summer related problems.

The Meteorological Department of India and the National Disaster Management Authority have advised the state government to take safety measures for public health in this summer. As we know, we can’t control the outside temperature but we can prepare and take needed steps to keep yourself healthy and fit.

This extreme heat absorbs your energy from your body and makes it prone to dehydration, infections, nausea and low blood pressure. Below are some necessary tips to beat the heat.

Keep urself hydrated:

Lemonades for summer

Number one rule is to keep urself hydrated during this summer so your body can function normally. Take some twist in your drink by adding some useful fruits such as watermelon, kiwi, lemon with water or can go for slushies and lemonades.

Go for regular eating but not so packed:

Energy food

If we do not care our appetite in this summer, we can’t make our energy level maintained. The excessive heat absorbs all our essential nutrients. So, it is important to eat regularly in order to make your body healthy and fit and so to fight the heat. Go for summer veggies including bottle guard, cucumber, and squash and much more. Suggesting to avoid heat generating foods such as meat, eggs and reduce the salt intake.

Opt for green tea instead of sweet tea as green tea has natural components and helps to increase your metabolism rate. Instead of using much sugar in tea, use green tree bag with n0 sugar.

Add water activities to your daily life:

fun activity for summer

If you don’t know how to swim, then it is right time to learn swimming. It also reduces the risk of drowning. By introducing water activity into your routine helps to reduce the body temperature.  Before going to sleep, try to wash your feet and face with cold water for good sleep.

Avoid unnecessary lighting in the home:

home lights

Usage of much lights and electric bulbs increase the room temperature of the room. Use only needed lights and switch off as many as possible. Other factors such as top floors, pollution, and concrete buildings trap the heat within the room and make the situation worse. So use curtains to keep the raise away from the home.

Time for loose clothes:

cotton clothes

To keep urself cool with loose clothes for good air circulation. Instead of synthetic dresses and trousers, use cotton clothes. There are some crucial while designing garments which are constantly in touch with person’s skin including moisture absorbency, moisture retention, hand-feel, air permeability, colorfastness, softness, and abrasion resistance. By default, cotton fibers are more moisture absorbent and also loses the moisture quickly. And, in summer you sweat more than other seasons. At the same time, cotton or linen garments feel you comfortable by absorbing your sweat and indirectly absorbing your body heat.

And do forget to wrap your face with the cotton cloth or scarf whenever go outside.

Morning workout for summer: 

morning excercise

In summer, scheduling work out is a little bit tricky. Morning physical activity sounds good for healthy living. This is because the exercise helps to increase the blood flow to the brain and consequently keep you more focus and alert for rest of the day. So set your alarm little bit earlier and make a habit to workout in the early morning.

Follow these tips and stay healthy during summer.

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