Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea proves as one of the healthiest beverage because it is full of antioxidants and nutrients affecting our body in a positive way.

It helps in improving our brain function, losing weight, lowers the risk of cancer and many other benefits. Some other wonderful benefits are:

Bioactive compounds in green tea help to improve health.

Many of the plant compounds in the tea leaves to make it into the final drink, which contains large amounts of important nutrients

Green tea has polyphenols helpful in controlling inflammation and fighting cancer. In more detail, it contains 30% polyphenols by weight that includes catechin (natural antioxidants) known as EGCG which prevent cell damage and offers other benefits.

It protects cell and molecules from other damage by reducing the formation of free radicals in the body.  These free radicals increase aging effects and all sorts of diseases.

One of the most important compounds of tea is Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which helps to treat many diseases, therefore, it offers various medicinal effects. Small amounts of minerals also present in the tea that is important for health.

Helps to enhance heart health

The Harvard Medical School report explains the how green tea protects the heart and reduce the effect of diseases. It lowers the bad cholesterol which contributed to heart diseases without affecting good cholesterol. It increases the antioxidant property of blood which protects the heart from reactive oxygen species and avoids heart attacks.

It contains catechins which help to prevent atherosclerosis, main causes of cardiovascular disorders.

Helps in weight loss and enhances physical performance

Weight_measurementObesity seems to be a very general problem, so we require some tools for its managament.  Obesity can be managed by caffeine, ephedrine, capsaicin, and green tea. They deal with the strategies for weight loss and weight maintenance as they may enhance energy expenditure and have been proposed to balance the decline in metabolic rate that is available amid weight reduction.

Another study reveals that green tea increases the fat oxidation by 17% as its consumption is associated with many health-enhancing properties.

Caffeine improves the physical performance by activating fatty acids from the fat tissues and making them accessible for use as energy.




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